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SuJu's one-shot love story

Title: SuJu’s one-shot love story
Author:   youandme_94 
Characters: Super Junior (Kyuhyun‘s chapter)
Chapter: 04/13
Rating: PG
Summary: A ‘one-chapter-per-member’ fanfic, where Super Junior members’ story is explained.

AN: This is probably my longest, yet most boring chapter, so i won't be surprised if no one reads it. lol. And sorry for the big spaces, computer's stuffing up.


Looking for past chapters?

{Chapter one – Hankyung}:{Chapter two – Siwon}:{Chapter three - Yesung}


Enjoy! ^^,




. . .



“Is he breathing?”


He could see the light was flickering.


“Check the blood pressure.


 Is he conscious?


There are glass shards all over his back.”


Kyuhyun looked to his right and saw Leeteuk, bleeding and unconscious.


On his other side was Eunhyuk, repeatedly calling out his name, “Kyuhyun! Kyuhyun! Are you still alive?!?! YAH!”


‘Hyung. . .’, Kyuhyun tried to speak but kept coughing instead.


The doctors and nurses were rushing to get them to the emergency room.


Kyuhyun felt as if his head was going to divide into half. He could feel the pain.


He couldn’t see well, everything was blurry.


It all happened so fast. The accident was unexpected. If only the car came a few seconds after . . . all this wouldn’t have happened.


The members; Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk wasn’t as badly injured as Kyuhyun was. Kyuhyun was the main patient the doctors were focusing on. He lost a lot of blood, causing him to be unconscious.


. . .


“Uhm, h-how’s Kyuhyun??”, Leeteuk asked as the doctor came in the room where they were staying in.


The doctor looked around the room, seeing 3 patient’s conscious and 1 badly injured. He walked towards Kyuhyun and looked at the folder that was on his side table. It was quiet, as the three were waiting for the doctor’s response.


“I don’t think he’ll be leaving the hospital any time soon.”


Leeteuk’s eyes became watery.


The door opened and the rest of the members were rushing in to see how the four are.

. . .


A couple of weeks past by and Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Leeteuk was finally better enough to leave the hospital. Kyuhyun would wake up every now and then but would be unconscious for most of the days. He wasn’t any better, leaving him to be the only Super Junior member left in the hospital.


The members would take turns visiting him. It was the time when they were filming “Attack on the Pin-Up Boys”, so it was hard to find time. Leeteuk, being a responsible leader, didn’t have many parts in the movie, giving him a lot of time to visit Super Junior’s maknae.


. . .



The door banged as a girl came in the room. It was as if she was trying to hide from someone. She didn’t look around the room, didn’t even see if there was a patient. She entered the bathroom and stayed in there for nearly an hour.


Whilst she was in the bathroom, Kyuhyun woke up. He was just looking out the window, watching the dry leaves of the tree fall. He stared at the sky, but as he heard the bathroom door opened, his eyes widened.


He thought, ‘what the hell?! Who would be visiting me at working hours?!’


He pretended to be sleeping and tried to figure out who it was through listening to its voice.


The girl got surprised as she saw that there was a patient in the room. She walked towards Kyuhyun and stared at him for a couple of minutes.


“Man, someone should be taking care of you…”, the girl sighed as she saw how badly injured his face was.


A girl? Kyuhyun thought.


She grabbed a chair and placed it next to him. She sat on it and tilted her head.


“You’re pretty cute.”


Kyuhyun was laughing inside but held it and let his face frozen.


“I’m Seohyun. . .Ahh, you’re name’s Bob? I see, well, nice to meet you Bob”.


Kyuhyun could barely hold his laughter anymore.


Is this girl mentally ill? He asked himself.



. . . . .



The next day, the girl came back and did exactly what she did the day before. Hid in the bathroom for an hour, sat on the chair, and introduced herself.


Kyuhyun got really curious about what kind of illness the girl has.


One day, Kyuhyun finally stopped pretending to be asleep and waited for Seohyun to come.


It took longer that it usually took for her to come, but when she finally came, Kyuhyun finally saw what she looked like for the first time.


She was young. At least, 3 years younger that him, Kyuhyun thought.


“Yah, Seohyun . . . Why do you keep coming in here?!”, he asked before Seohyun entered the bathroom.


“Seohyun?! What, where?! SNSD’s Seohyun?! WHERE?!”, she responded as she looked around the room, under beds and chairs.


“Uhh, what the. . . that’s your name, isn’t it?”


She came closer to him to have a look at who exactly she was talking to.


“Man, someone should be taking care of you…”, Seohyun, or atleast that’s what she said her name was, stared at Kyuhyun.


“That’s what you’ve been saying for the past few days!!!”


“Eh?? Today’s my first time coming in this room . . . what are you talking about?”


Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and said, “Just please get out, I need to rest.”


“Yah . . . what happened to your face? It’s like, someone molded it. Someone bullied you?”, Seohyun replied, as if she didn’t hear what Kyuhyun just said.


She grabbed a chair and placed it next to him. Kyuhyun looked away and tried to sleep.


“What’s your name? I’m Jaekyung”, the girl asked with a big, friendly smile.


There was silence. Kyuhyun ignored her.


“Yah! I asked you a question!”


He still didn’t answer.


“Fine, be like that.”



. . . . . . . . . .



30 minutes have past and she was still in his room, staring at the sky.


The moment she looked back at Kyuhyun, she started yelling, “YAH! What are you doing in my room?! Get your own room! Or . . . Or, if you’re planning to steal, I have nothing!”


Kyuhyun woke up from all the noise she was making and gave her a ‘what the’ look.


“Didn’t you hear me?! Get out! Or I’ll call the nurse!”


Kyuhyun yawned and said, “what are you talking about, you crazy woman?! This room is MY room! I even have my name on the door! Go! Have a look!”


The girl quickly ran towards the door, opened it and started reading out the name on the door.


“Cho . . . Kyu . . . Hyun . . .

YAH! Is this some kind of prank!? What did you do with my name?!”


The girl suddenly froze and repeated the name that was on the door, ‘Cho Kyuhyun, Cho Kyuhyun?!”


She ran back to Kyuhyun and asked, “You’re Super Junior’s Kyuhyun?!”


He nodded and calmly told her, “Can you get out now?”


The girl slowly walked out of the room, embarrassed.



. . . . . . . . .



The next day, she came back again and sat next to him.


Kyuhyun was starting to get really annoyed, “Are you pulling some kind of prank here?! Why do you keep coming here?!”


“Uhm, no. And I don’t know.”




Kyuhyun stood up, but due to his weak legs, he fell on the floor. Jaekyung quickly helped him, tried to help him stand up but because of him being a little heavy for her, they both fell back on the floor. Both of their lips were close to meeting, their eyes were wide open.


Both didn’t know what to do and froze in that position for about a minute.


The door opened and when Kyuhyun looked up, he saw Leeteuk, Heechul and Eunhyuk.


The three visitors stared at the two patients.


“Yahhhhhhhh, you should at least lock the door. . .”, Heechul said as he was placing the plastic bags full of fruits on the table near the bed.


“Hyung, i-i-it’s not w-w-what you. . . aish, why do I have to explain myself”, Kyuhyun pushed the girl off him and tried to stand up.


Eunhyuk and Leeteuk ran towards him and helped him sit back on his bed.



. . . . . . . . .



On that night, Kyuhyun couldn’t sleep. The scene that happened that morning kept replaying back in his head.


He saw that the moon was full as he was looking through the window. Not one light was on in his room, it was dark and he thought that that would help him sleep. It didn’t.


The door suddenly opened and he could only see a dark figure coming closer to him.


“W-w-hat are you doing here??”


“Sorry but, I couldn’t sleep and I just had this feeling that I should come here.”


She grabbed a chair and placed it next to him.


“I’m Jaekyung, what’s your name?”


“You really can’t remember?” Kyuhyun let a small laugh out.


“Uh, no? Should I already know?”


Kyuhyun sighed, “Eh. . . Don’t worry.”


The girl pulled out her MP3 out of her pocket and placed one earphone on her right ear and placed the other on Kyuhyun’s ear.


“Listen to this.”


The song started playing and Kyuhyun could recognize what was playing, “Mirror by Super Junior?”


He could see her face, her eyes were closed and she was smiling.


“Yup. Yah, I feel like dancing. Come!” She said as she stood up and grabbed Kyuhyun’s arm.


Kyuhyun slowly stood up. The two stood frozen in front of the sliding door, where the light of the moon could reach them.


“What are you waiting for?” The girl linked her fingers to his. Her other hand was on his shoulder.


The two were dancing as if they knew each other for years.


She leaned her head against Kyuhyun’s chest and closed her eyes. Kyuhyun didn’t feel weird at all and even leaned his head against hers.


“You really can’t remember my name?”, he asked.




There was silence. All they could hear was the song.


“The doctor said I can finally leave tomorrow”, Kyuhyun sighed, “after two months, finally.”


“Oh, that’s good.”


“There’s a problem though.”


They stopped dancing and she looked up to him.


She said, “Why? You’re leaving, you should be happy.”


“That’s the problem. I don’t want to leave.

I fell in love like *snap*, I didn’t even see it coming.”


She tilted her head in curiosity.


Kyuhyun smiled big and with his marble eyes, he looked at her and said, “I like you”.

Jaekyung laughed and went back in their dancing position, “What are you talking about? You only met me 10 minutes ago . . .”


Kyuhyun laughed and they started dancing, “I’ll be visiting you as much as I could”.


The song repeated again.


“I don’t know why . . . or how it happened . . . but . . . I like you.”

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