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24 September 2011 @ 09:31 pm
[fanfic] Winter Ice Cream  
Title: Winter Ice Cream
Author: youandme_94
Characters: Super Junior (x OC)
Length: One-shot / 891 words
Rating / Genre: PG / fluff
Summary: When eating ice cream on winter happens to be the best thing

AN: It’s been so long since I wrote fluff, so hope you enjoy! (:

Eunji sighed, her breath smoking out of her mouth, as she waited for her mother to arrive. She waited in front of the school gates, wearing thick jacket with her uniform underneath, and thick pink scarf were she buried her mouth to get warmth. With her hands in her pocket, she started kicking the snow that was on the ground as her jaws quiver.

“Excuse me...” a voice came from her left as she turned, only to see the guy everyone called ‘the funny fat kid’.

“Oh, hi Shindong...” she replied.

He continued walking towards her, shivering just as much as she was, “I thought I was the only student left here on the campus...But then I saw you. Are you waiting for someone?”

Eunji nodded, “My mom was meant to pick me up today but it seems like she forgot...”

Shindong’s lips shaped of an ‘o’, “What about your boyfriend?”

Eunji let a small laugh out, letting smoke come out of her mouth, “Oh you didn’t know?” she rolled her eyes as she smiled, “I thought Kyuhyun announced loud enough for everyone to hear that he’s got a new girl...It seems that he can’t stay with the same girl for a long period of time...”

Shindong saw the smile that faded from her pale face and was replaced with a frown. There was a minute of silence until Shindong suddenly pulled out his phone from his pocket and started dialling someone’s number. Placing the phone between his ear and his shaking hand, he answered, “Oh! Hi Auntie! You’re open till 7, yeah?” Shindong look at his wrist watch and gave a soft smile to Eunji, who was looking down yet again kicking the snow on the ground.

“Yeah, I’m coming” he hanged up and placed the phone back in the pocket of his pants, “Hey, Eunji” he said, causing her to look at him, “How about I walk you home? Since your mom isn’t here yet...? I got this shop I want to show you...”

Eunji paused for a while to think but then looked at Shindong with a smile, letting out a giggle, “Okay! I guess my mom really did forget...”

The two started walking through the snowy pathway, although quiet most of the time, the smiles on their faces never let an awkward moment come in. After a few minutes, they arrived in front of an ice cream shop.

“What are we doing here?” Eunji asked but suddenly felt her phone vibrate from her pocket. She took it out and answered, “oh mom...ahh...I understand...See you...” then she hanged up.

“So did your mom really forget to pick you up?” Shindong asked as he opened the door of the shop, letting her come in.

She laughed a little and replied, “Yeah...she said she’s in the middle of an important meeting and told me to take the bus home instead...”

“Ahh...well, at least she called...” Shindong replied, letting out a smile, “So what flavour do you want?”

Yet again, she laughed, “Are we seriously going to eat ice cream? In a freezing cold weather?”

“Believe it or not, the ice cream here is really good, whether it be summer or winter~” Shindong stated, “Pick three flavours~”

Eunji sighed and smiled, “Alright, if you say so...Um, I think I’ll pick...cookies and cream, rocky road and macadamia...”

Shindong’s auntie smiled as she scooped the three flavours and started mixing them, along with some extra sweets.

“Oh, you picked my favourites~ Auntie, I’ll get the same as well, please~” he said joyfully.

After a couple of minutes, the two sat down and started tasting the ice cream. “Oh! This tastes really good” Eunji exclaimed, “I mean, I’ve had ice cream flavoured like this before, but this...it just tastes so good!”

Shindong laughed, “I told you~! Yah, Auntie, did you hear that?”

His auntie nodded and smiled, “Yes, Donghee~ And I’ve heard the same words come out of your mouth just a few million times as well...”

Shindong took another spoonful of ice cream, “You see, this is where I go whenever I feel lonely or upset...The ice cream always seem to make me feel a lot better...” he laughed, “maybe that’s why my body is the way it is right now~”

Eunji frowned, “Don’t say that~ it’s better than being really skinny, you know. In fact, you look huggable...” she giggled.

After finishing their bowl of ice cream, they went for another bowl and greeted Shindong’s Auntie goodnight as they both walked towards the bus stop.

“Thanks for the ice cream. It really did make me feel less upset...” Eunji smiled as she got on the bus.

“No worries~ If ever Kyuhyun...or anyone else upset you again, you know where to go.” Shindong waved and gave her the sweetest smile as the bus rode off.

Just before he turned around to walk home, the bus suddenly stopped as he saw Eunji walk out of the bus and run towards him. She hugged him.

She hugged him tight. “Thanks again” she said and ran back towards the bus.

As the bus driver continued to drive, she left him standing, still in surprise and said with wide eyes, “I’m huggable...”

AN: I’m sorry for the weird ending~ I wrote this ages ago and just remembered to finish it tonight...Hope you enjoyed some fluffy Shindong anyway!
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