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07 September 2011 @ 03:10 pm
[fanfic] Temporary Goodbyes  
Title: Temporary Goodbyes
Author: youandme_94
Characters/pairings: Heechul, the rest of Super Junior
Type: one-shot
Rating / Genre: PG / drama
Word Count: 364
Summary: When goodbyes doesn’t really mean goodbye...

AN: This is a very short one-shot. I wrote this just because I had nothing to do in my English class today. And I also wrote this because I know I’ll miss Heechul. I should’ve written something funny, instead I wrote a dramatic one. . . Anyway, Enjoy!

[Heechul’s POV]

I never really understood why.

The members would talk about living their life with a family after a few years, after finishing 2 years at the military...after the last words of Super Junior was spoken.

I laid my whole body down on my bed for the last time, looking up at the ceiling, the light blinding my half teary eyes. I remember how I would draw a star on the ceiling with a blue pen, as I stepped on my bed, whenever I needed to calm down or felt stressed. Looking at them now, the ceiling is almost filled with those blue stars, helping me reminisce those times I guess I would never forget.

“Hyung~! It’s time~ the van is here...” Donghae barged in the room without warning, causing me to sit up and almost step on an angry cat. I stood up, massaging my now bald scalp with the tips of my fingers, grabbed my luggage as I felt a sigh released through my lips, and walked my way to the members waiting outside by the van.

Within a few minutes, we reached our destination. I rubbed my eyes and felt the bottom of my lips to be cold...wet...I looked at Siwon on my right and saw that a part of his white shirt, on his shoulders, was wet.

“Sorry, Wonnie...” I apologised, embarrassed as if I haven’t drooled while sleeping before.

“It’s okay, hyung. But don’t miss me too much, okay? I won’t be there anymore to wipe your droolings...” He replied, almost making me feel younger than him.

A sudden tear flowed down my cheeks.

I forced myself out of the van, only to see a crowd of crying fools...fools just like me.

“Oppa~! Oppa~!” they all weeped.

Be strong, Heechul. Be strong. Don’t be a weakling. I continuously commanded myself.

As I stood frozen, I stared at the fans, those crying fools...those of who remind me of my blue stars.

I haven’t planned what will happen with my life after everything is done, but right now, 2 years is waiting for me to be away from those who shaped me. Those who shaped Kim Heechul...

...I’ll return soon.
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